Monthly Archives: February 2018

Week 8 Trade Results

In this article, we will look at the setups we traded in our trading room this week from 19th-23rd February (Week 8). We had a total of 11 setups with only one becoming invalid. The setups were classic Elliott wave…

AUDUSD trade setup

AUDUSD continued bearish after correcting upside

Aussie is one of our best currency pairs of the week after completing a clear wave pattern that we understood very well. Price played out just as expected. Will there be any trade opportunity soon? Yes there is. A new…

AUDUSD Elliott wave analysis, 15 min and H1

15 February AUDUSD Elliott wave analysis

Aussie is rallying to 0.8 as part of a major recovery from a fast dip to 0.775. It seems the rally is corrective and price would resume the bearish move as the 15 February AUDUSD Elliott wave analysis below shows. Elliott…

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