Monthly Archives: March 2018

Week 11 Trade Result

Week 11 starting on 12th March and ending 16th March was a very profitable week. There were 8 trades in total with 5 big wins and 2 small loses. The total Net pips recorded was + 525 pips. The following…

Week 10 Trade Results

At the end of week 10 (5th-9th March), we recorded yet another week of profit. There were five winning trades, 3 losing trades and one closed at breakeven. All summing up to more than 550 Pips in just one week….

Week 9 Trade Results

In week 9, starting 26th February and ended on 2nd March, we recorded profits as we often do. The profits was  smaller compared to what we had in Week 8. The following looks at the forecasts traded. Week 9 was a…

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