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EURUSD Elliott wave analysis: Imminent drop below 1.15?

EURUSD continued the bullish move today, now close to 1.175. It seems the bullish correction will soon complete the first phase which should be followed by a corrective dip toward 1.15. How likely is this?  In yesterday’s EURUSD Elliott wave analysis,…

AUDUSD trade setup

AUDUSD continued bearish after correcting upside

Aussie is one of our best currency pairs of the week after completing a clear wave pattern that we understood very well. Price played out just as expected. Will there be any trade opportunity soon? Yes there is. A new…

AUDUSD Elliott wave analysis, 15 min and H1

15 February AUDUSD Elliott wave analysis

Aussie is rallying to 0.8 as part of a major recovery from a fast dip to 0.775. It seems the rally is corrective and price would resume the bearish move as the 15 February AUDUSD Elliott wave analysis below shows. Elliott…

23 october usdjpy elliott wave analysis

23 October USDJPY Elliott wave analysis

The strong rally that surfaced in USDJPY before October paused to make a bearish correction after price completed an impulse wave. The correction that followed was shallow and price resumed the rally in the second half of last week. How…

17 october gbpusd elliott wave analysis

17 October GBPUSD Elliott wave analysis

GBPUSD couldn’t reach the 1.30 bearish target before making a strong intraday rally last week. Will the bullish momentum continue stronger and break above the 1.365 high? For few weeks, we have been bearish on GBPUSD with targets at 1.31 and…

16 october eurusd elliott wave analysis

16 October EURUSD Elliott wave analysis

 The Eurodollar drove higher last week after completing what looks like a correction. This correction could be the 4th wave of the long term bullish impulse wave. A 5-wave rally is now possible to break the last high at 1.21….

12 oct gbpusd elliott wave analysis

12 October GBPUSD Elliott wave analysis

We have be following the movement of the Cable, GBPUSD, with quite an impressive accuracy. The Elliott wave theory is such a very useful technical tool that every trader should master and use. After predicting the Cable fall, we also…

11 october usdjy elliott wave analysis

11 October USDJPY Elliott wave analysis

USDJPY has dropped about 80 Pips since we made the last forecast. On 2 October, we discovered price was about to complete a bearish pattern that could see price drop to 110.50 before the new bullish trend resumes. We look…

10 october elliott wave analysis

10 October EURUSD Elliott wave analysis

EURUSD broke upside after completing an ending diagonal/wedge formation. This could also mark the end of the 4th wave for price to resume upside and break the last high at 1.209. Based on 10 October EURUSD Elliott wave analysis, we look…

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