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AUDUSD trade setup

AUDUSD continued bearish after correcting upside

Aussie is one of our best currency pairs of the week after completing a clear wave pattern that we understood very well. Price played out just as expected. Will there be any trade opportunity soon? Yes there is. A new…

10 october elliott wave analysis

10 October Gold Elliott wave analysis

In the 2 October Commodities analysis, we speculated a reversal zone for Silver and Gold. These reversal zones played out as price made a solid breakout upside. There is now a strong likelihood that the bullish momentum in Gold will…

9 October EURNZD Elliott wave setup: 550 Pips target?

EURNZD resumed upside last week after some sideways indecisive period. It now does look like price will break above the 1.67 top to complete the 5th wave of an impulsive rally that started late June.  Elliott wave theory theory, aside…

9 october silver elliott wave analysis

9 October Silver Elliott wave analysis-bullish setup?

Silver broke below the 16.5 support level last week and came close to $16.1 before making a quick, sharp breakout move upside. In the last update on commodities, we discussed about this possibility. Let’s look at what we expect next…

EURJPY 19 September hit TP1

EURJPY trade idea hit TP1 for 160 Pips: 750 pips in sight

EURJPY trade idea we shared last week just hit the first target for 160 Pips profit in less than two days. There are three more targets upside with the last being +750 Pips at 140.00 price level. Will price get to other targets in the coming days?

NZDJPY trade idea hit TP 2; how far from the final target?

More than analysis and forecast (which are on their own very useful for traders), we also provide trade setups with idea (entry, exit and target prices). We usually provide four target levels usually from 1:1 to 1:5 R/R. Check this NZDJPY trade idea

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