Week 10 Trade Results

At the end of week 10 (5th-9th March), we recorded yet another week of profit. There were five winning trades, 3 losing trades and one closed at breakeven. All summing up to more than 550 Pips in just one week. The following looks at all the setups we traded.

Setup 1 : NZDUSD long

We used breakout entry method to get in. It was a successful trade hitting the final target at 1:3 R/R and over 75 Pips.

Setup 2 : CHFJPY long

That was a triple bottom pattern. Not classic Elliott wave. We decided to buy at breakout. Price did breakout but couldn’t get to our target levels before dropping down and eventually took us out. We lost 68 Pips.

Setup 3: EURUSD Long

Another long trade. It ended very well making a double with setup 1. This trade hit our final target in the same day we opened just as setup 1 did. Another 1:3 R/R trade with 90 Pips gain.

Setup 4: GBPAUD short

This is one trade that we missed out. Our entry was filled and price went down to hit our first target of 84 Pips. We adjusted our SL at breakeven to run a risk-free trade. Shortly after that, price spiked up, took us out at breakeven and went to our final target of about 260 Pips.

Setup 5: USDJPY Long

We bought at pullback expecting price to continue the bullish intraday trend but price turned down and took us out at a loss of 30 Pips.

Setup 6: EURUSD Short

This was a very nice setup but the ending was not as nice. We triggered in and then adjusted SL to breakeven. Just as it happened in GBPAUD, price took us out and went to our final target of 250 Pips. We took nothing from this good setup.

Setup 7: EURAUD Short

This was one very good trade. We sold at pullback. Price went to our final target of more than 250 Pips making 1:3 R/R. The trade entry and exit duration was less than 24 hours.

Setup 8: EURCAD Short

A similar setup with EURAUD. Just that we felt price wouldn’t drop as much as expected for EURAUD. We happened to be right. After our final target was hit, price has resumed upside while EURAUD still maintain its bearish status. This trade gave 215 Pips, about 1:2.5 R/R.

Setup 9 : GBPUSD short

The last trade of the week. We sold at pullback but price didn’t get to our targets. We cut the loss from over 70 Pips to 45 pips. Price took us out at the adjusted SL level. 45 Pips loss

At the end, we had another good trading week. Here is the summary of the results.

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Week 10 was very good. We already recorded 4 big wins and 3 small losses making more than 15% assuming risking 2% per trade. Join our Premium Telegram channel to enjoy all our analysis, trade setups and signals that will make you 20-50% ROI per month. See how to join below.

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