Week 9 Trade Results

In week 9, starting 26th February and ended on 2nd March, we recorded profits as we often do. The profits was  smaller compared to what we had in Week 8. The following looks at the forecasts traded.

Week 9 was a mixed week for us. More than 4 trades we could have won that didn’t get to our pending entry prices before going in the direction we expected them to go. That’s not to say that we didn’t make any profits. We did, but we could have made much more. Such scenarios appear in the market when price didn’t get you in before making the big moves in your direction. But we also value subscribers’ fund and work together with them to manage their funds, keep it and make significantly more.

In week 8, we won 7 out of 9 trades while one was invalid and the last one, EURCAD was not triggered until week 9. Assuming risking 2% per trade, our subscribers made between 16% – 25% profits in just one week. Let’s look at the setup we traded in week 9.


Setup 1: EURCAD Short.

EURCAD Chart, H2

This setup was spotted in week 8 but our retracement entry happened in week 9. That made it our first setup in week 9. It resulted in a full loss for us. Price violated the diagonal pattern.


Setup 2: GBPCAD Short

GBPCAD Chart, 30 Mins

We were triggered and price hit our first target (68 Pips) and drop a bit further down before moving back to our adjusted SL and break upside. Our ideal target was not achieved. More or else like a break-even trade. Usually, we consider a trade that gives at least 1:2 R/R, a winning trade.

Setup 3: EURGBP Long.

We shared this on the free telegram channel. It was a setup that was triggered and price rallied to our final target. But, we didn’t hold on for the profit. We exited at half loss due to the big spiky pullback. The result of that is about 1% loss if 2% was risked.

Setup 4: Gold Short

Gold chart, 15 Mins

This was the juicy trade of the week. We sold at the top and we did it well. With a SL large enough to accommodate price, we executed a trade that got to our final target of 152 Pips while we risked just 29 Pips. That’s more than 1:5 R/R. That should be our trade of the week. Risking 2% on this trade would have made between 6% and 10% profit.

Setup 5: AUDUSD Long

AUDUSD Chart, 30 Mins

This was the last trade of the week. Also shared on the Free telegram channel. Another good trade. Final target was reached to make a 1:3 R/R trade. The trade ended this week. That’s 6% if 2% was risked.

Overall, it was a profitable week but it would have been more if other trades were triggered.  1 full loss, 1 breakeven, a half loss and 2 big wins making between 5 and 10%. It’s small compared to last week result when we recorded between 15 and 25% profits. Week 9 summary is shown below.


Check week 8 setups and results .

Week 10 so far has been good. We already recorded 2 big wins and a small loss making 9% assuming risking 2% per trade. Join our Premium Telegram channel to enjoy all our analysis, trade setups and signals that will make you 20-50% ROI per month. See how to join below.

What Subscribers get?

  1. Subscribers get trade setups with clear charts. This is good for educational purpose and also gives a sense of understanding of what they are about to do. This will also help them keep a good journal of trades.
  2. Not just trade setups but trade parameters. Exact entry, exit and target prices.
  3. Trade/Risk management clues.

Subscription Plans

1 Week : $15

4 weeks: $50

10 Weeks: $100

How to Join

Contact us through the following

E-mail: classicwavetrading@yahoo.com
Whatsapp/Telegram: +2348134820569

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